Tally On Cloud Multiuser

Tally On Cloud Multiuser

With the efficient features of Tally ERP on cloud, Use of modern technology like virtual machines can give you a package of smart solutions. With the use of Tally Based VM, you can run any version of your tally online from anywhere at any time from a PC or any device using any OS.

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Tally Multiuser Plans

Level 1

Medium traffic personal sites

  • 250 GB SSD Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 16 GB Guaranteed Ram
  • Up to 20 Users capacity
  • Processors - 6 Vcores
  • Operating system - Preferred
  • Tally support-24/7
  • Cache - 20MB
  • Set Up Fee – free
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Level 2

Enterprise content management

  • 300 GB SSD Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 24 GB Guaranteed Ram
  • Up to 30 Users capacity
  • Processors - 8 Vcores
  • Operating system - Preferred
  • Tally support - 24/7
  • Cache - 20MB
  • Set Up Fee – free
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Level 4

Enterprise content management

  • 500 GB SSD Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 64 GB Guaranteed Ram
  • 60-80 Users capacity
  • Processors - 8 Core
  • Operating system - 2012
  • Tally support - 24/7
  • Cache - 20MB
  • Set Up Fee – free
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Tally Multi-User Features

High-level security and backups

With our solutions, we ensure the highest level of security. Each user has his or her virtual machine, so malicious practices will be minimized. Tally is protected against attacks since users can't access it directly.

AAA-Anytime,Anywhere on Any Device Access

With Tally On Cloud, you can access your Tally anytime, anywhere. You can use Tally ERP virtually anywhere that you have an internet connection. Your devices will always be connected thanks to cloud technology.

Expert support is available 24/7

We provide you with on-demand and online tech support. Whenever you have a question, we will offer professional support that can resolve all the issues within a few seconds.

Convenient for users

Files can be accessed by users at any time and from any device. You can manage a PC or a device from anywhere, and your connected users can work with exported files at any time.

Speed of Bullets

With Tally (On Cloud) on our servers, your application will run express. We offer Multi-user Server Hosting that is particularly optimized to provide the fastest performance for Tally and other popular CRMs.

Ready To Become Tally Based VM

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Tally Multi-User FAQs

Your Tally account can support all printers of any company. Tally is compatible with all printers. A barcode scanner is not directly linked to your tally but can be connected so you can use it.

As we ensure that only authorized users have access to your tally account, your tally data is of utmost security with our servers. Our tally data is never interfered with without your permission.

The Tally on Cloud efficiently manages the CPU/RAM resources of Tallystack to provide unlimited storage space.

As Tally cloud-based solutions are devoted to Tally functions, they cannot keep files that aren't related to Tally. All Tally-related features can be stored and preserved, including Tally ERP9 and Tally server 9.

The local backup devices can be configured according to your needs through a web panel on your PC. It also allows daily automated backups.

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